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Welcome to BSR Warriors

Welcome to the official home for The Brotherhood of Self-defense and Respect (BSR).


This site is currently under HEAVY constuction so please excuse the mess and check back often as new features will be coming soon.


BSR was founded in 1971 by Soke Dwight Childress in Poughkeepsie NY. Today members can be found across the US and the UK.



Article Section: The article section is now active. It will be used for articles for various purposes including Forum discussion. Members are asked to submit articles. Black-belts and above should be able to submit articles directly in the section (click the "submit new article" button). Non-blackbelt members may submit articles to Sensei Calabrase for posting. Be sure to check out our first article "A Lifetime of Dedication" featuring an article from our brothers at RyuTe.


More goodies coming soon! Be sure to check back often!



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